The Optimal Temperature To Drink Coffee

The Optimal Temperature To Drink Coffee

The eating experience is always accompanied by the perception of the temperature of food, so temperature taste sensation has been developed into a specialized doctrine, which focuses on the modulation of the temperature sensory signal on the taste sensation. For example, temperature affects the perceptual threshold of taste, and there is a U-shaped relationship between the two. For example, 30% to 50% of the population is able to induce a certain taste sensation by a specific temperature. This "association" phenomenon is not only due to the overlapping receptors shared between the two at the tongue level, but also due to the shared transmission pathways in the central nervous system.

If you drink coffee every day, you need to watch out for overconsumption of caffeine. You might consider decaf coffee, but a caffeine calculator is also a great option.

The temperature at which the coffee is tasted is critical to the sensation of taste, and many people go to a cafe to order coffee, and most of the coffee just brought to hand is too hot, so do not be impatient to take a sip. This "drink while it's hot" does not warm the stomach, nor does it quench thirst, and will increase the harm. Long-term consumption of hot drinks above 65 degrees Celsius will stimulate and damage the esophagus and mouth, increasing the risk of esophageal cancer. In fact, tasting temperature is very relevant to taste recognition.

Use the free caffeine calculator to keep track of each caffeine consumption:

Numerous studies have proven that the most exciting temperature for the taste nerve is between 10 and 40 degrees Celsius, and the most sensitive is around 30 degrees Celsius. At the same time, when the temperature is between 22 and 27 degrees Celsius, the threshold for detecting the negative salty and bitter flavors of coffee tasting is the lowest. It is no wonder that professional coffee tasting and evaluation are conducted in different temperature zones to evaluate and score the flavor of the cup, from hot to near room temperature, in order to get a true and comprehensive understanding of coffee flavor.

It has been tested that at room temperature (around 26 degrees), use 92 degrees hot water to brew a pot of coffee by hand within 2 minutes, and then pour it into a coffee cup at a production temperature of about 65 degrees. Then swallow and enjoy the rest of the flavor. As long as the quality of the beans is high enough, the sweetness of the coffee liquid at room temperature will still be memorable. After drinking a small sip of warm water, you will find that the water is also sweet!

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